The Maasai tribe are nomads who migrated from North Africa in the 15th century. They now reside in both Kenya and Tanzania grasslands. They have a proud warrior tradition and choose to keep the same way of life since the 19th century. They are herdsmen and value cattle. They value their children. But their culture is slowly fading away. They are losing their land and livestock due to drought and deadly diseases. Because they have been exploited by foreigners for decades, the Maasai do not trust outsiders.

In 2009, Africa Transformation Embassy made contact with the Maasai tribe in Mbala through a church member. The Maasai tribe of Mbala have 3,600 people and 2,400 cattle..

In 2011, the Maasai village of Mbala received its first medical team, treating about 600 people. Local optometrists examined vision and prescribed eyeglasses. The Maasai said they have never been treated with such love, respect and sincere care.

Tanzania Medical Mission Trip 2017

The Maasai Tribe - Tanzania Medical Mission Trip 2015

The Maasai Tribe - Medical Mission Trip 2011