Widow and Orphan Support

Catherine is a widow with four children. She suffered a difficult life, until this ministry gave her a place to live. She started homeschooling her children. She has twin sons, Kurwa and Doto. Pastor Addae Mintah of Agape Life Ministries is now sponsoring this widow and here children.

Earthquake Relief

An earthquake affected the northwest region of Tanzania in the city of Bukoba. Many lost their homes. Africa Transformation Embassy immediately sent the ministry team with food and supplies which was presented to government officials.


ATE supported Joyce who is now working DHL as an accountant in the capital city of Dar es Salaam.
• Renzo has started medical school in Moshi.
• Rehema has started school in Nigeria.
• Two other children have been admitted to middle school.
• Children of Mwanza now have a place to learn because of your support and prayers.


Mlandizi School

Mlandizi school was birthed from a vision of a missionary pastor's wife, who saw many children wandering the streets of Mlandizi and wanted to provide a school for those children. As the project grew, it became a refuge for many orphans and needy children. A.T.E. partnered with a registered NGO in Tanzania to construct the Children of Excellence Leadership Academy. There are currently 34 children enrolled in the school with many more on the waiting list. Land is available for the expansion of Mlandizi School; however, funds are needed to continue the project. It's in Africa Transformation Embassy's intentions to turn the Mlandizi School into a safe, first rate school.

Nongoma School:

The school keeps on expanding; now there are 500 students enrolled in the Martha Beyer School. Most of the students pay the minimum while other orphans and needy children are being educated free. We need volunteers and partners to travel to Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa to teach. We also need volunteers to do construction of dormitories and teachers living quarters. There is much to be done.

Masebe School:

Masebe is a community surrounded by hills with a beautiful climate. Most girls do not go to school as it is not economically viable. For those currently enrolled, they are housed in unsafe conditions, but most cannot go beyond the elementary school level, as there is currently only one run down building. Going to a boarding school in another region is currently beyond the villages' economic means. Join with A.T.E. to help further develop this area and give opportunity to so much talent in this village.

Agriculture and Entrepreneurial Development

Mlandizi Project:

Mlandizi plans to combine education and a farming project at the Children of Excellence Academy for economic sustainability for both children and adults. Students from an early age can learn how to protect the environment by planting lumber trees and other cash crops.

Chanika Project:

A ten acre farm is located one hour from Dar es Salaam International Airport. This is a site for a Vocational Training Center. At the moment there are two buildings which need to be completed to help a widow with four children, as well as, a young man who desires to improve his life.

For a long time the 10 acre land in Chanika needed partners to help with a water project. No matter how hard the widow, her children and the young man worked, their crops dried up, rice, pineapples, cassava etc. at times they could not have food to eat and the cycle of poverty and misery continued. The young man was discouraged, he left Chanika. There is hope for those who persevere.

In July 2011, Operation Blessings International sponsored the building of a water well 75 feet deep. A generator pumps water to a 5,000 liters water tank for storage. ATE, local government officials and community leaders united and dedicated the completed project to the community of Chanika, Tanzania. This well will provide clean water to about 5,000 people.

Masebe Project:

The people of Masebe currently have need proper tools for farming; they can produce all kinds of crops to eliminate hunger, sickness and protect the environment by planting trees that can be used for paper and rubber. Natural Gas has also been discovered near the mountains along with many mineral resources that can help make Masebe a bustling community. A.T.E. currently seeks partners to help the village of Masebe make use of their natural resources for development, there is a lot of potential for development and success.

Student Testimonial

Joyce's Presentation

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