Your donation can be the difference in educating a child for a better Africa.


Join us on one of our mission trips or bring your own team.


When we partner with others, we believe we can have a bigger impact.

How can I make a difference:

Africa Transformation Embassy Founder has laid a good foundation to the great continent of Africa and its people.

Nevertheless, concerted efforts of partners, institutions, ministries, organization with missions focus, investors and tourists interested in the infrastructure to build a new Africa for maximum benefit are needed. ATE envision to become like a U.N. through various strategic capacity building as collaborative hub of leaders of different professionals for a better tomorrow. If you are interested to be an Ambassador of Transformation, please contact us. Thank you.

How Can I Donate?

Donations can be made through Africa Transformation Embassy's paypal account or you may contact us to be a partner. By donating to ATE, you are helping to provide resources to supply for the needs of people across Africa. Thank you for being part of the solution as we work together to help eradicate poverty and diseases by educating children, empowering women and raising entrepreneurs in different villages across Africa.